The Patriot Ink Invitational Tattoo Show: Aggregating 150 of the best veteran & first responder tattoo artists and vet friendly shops in the U.S., by direct invitation only.  

Sacramento, CA in the shadow of California's Capitol. What you can expect: Fun. Friendships. Freedom.


For The Artists:  

Each artist will also be provided a personalized banner to display at the show which will also highlight your city & the shop you represent.  

There will be a raffle only accessible by the attending artists.  Many of you will win prizes ranging from machines, apparel contracts, custom media/videography, magazine ad space & more.  

Winners of categorized competitions will be rewarded with apparel contracts, recognition in American Veteran Magazine with a feature and some pretty badass awards.  


For the attendees:  

You will also have access to an attendee specific raffle.  Featuring tattoos, tattoos & more tattoos. Prizes will also include event swag and prizes to local shops and businesses.  

Honoring the traditions of respect for our Country. 

Live music.


Body Paint.


Epic art.

After Parties.

Truck Loads of Fun.



Photography & Videography courtesy of Kinetic Media Production & Promotion



If you have received a formal invitation to participate in this tattoo show, register asap while there is still room.  Capped at 150 artists.  


Want to be a part of this event and the communities it serves?  Register for booth space and/or to be a title sponsor of this righteous tattoo show.


Looking for some new work?  Come check peruse this convention, all the fun it has to offer and take advantage of the best veteran & first responder artists in the US to get your next piece!

What's this tattoo show all about?


This is about more than a tattoo show.  It's about the people that we wish to connect with and celebrate with tattoo art...those that serve us at home and abroad.  For some, tattoo art can be therapeutic in ways that cannot be understood.  To memorialize lost friends, family, comrades...paying tribute to sacrifice with the tattoo medium.  For others, the benefit comes from a source of pride to be associated with an organization: military, fire service, law enforcement, emergency medical services, etc.  We want to honor all of you who serve the public by bringing together some of the most talented tattoo artists around the country that carry a similar story, background and value system.  This show is about fellowship with those who serve us.  Period.